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Well...That was a lot closer than I expected. But I think if we hadn't been playing the Patriots in New England the officials would have been a little more even in the calling of the game...
Ok...So I really don't think that, I know that when ever we (or others) play the Patriots the officials look to Tom to see what calls to make. One of these years they are going to have to try and see if things can be balanced, but not anytime soon.


I do have to like to admit that when they were saying that the Patriots got sacked 15 times last year and that we sacked them 4 times in this game. That makes me feel good, but when they decide to say that the interception that Clowney got and ran back for a TD wasn't a interception, but a fumble just to save Brady's stats, can we get some one to really call things right?
If we keeo this up and don't have the officials giving the other team a lead, we might have a chance this year

Next Up: The Titans...

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Right now it looks like it is going to be upper 60's to the low 80's...At least right now there is real chance of rain. We might even have a "fall" type of game.
Looks like a pretty good day for a game.

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