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Even though we had never lost at Green Bay, I wasn't sure about this game since we have been doing so bad, but hoped for something better than what we saw in the second half.
We kept with them in the first have and our defense kept shutting them down, but we just couldn't get anything going on offense.
At least Brock tried (and it worked) running for the 1st down when he couldn't find anyone to throw to. Can he do this more in the future?


Sigh...6-6 this season...
We are now officially the leader in the AFC South with our 3-0 division record, but we can't keep doing this or we are going to let the Titans take the divison...
Now we need to wait to see the game tomorrow to see if there is a 3-way 6-6 record at the top of the AFC South. At least the Colts are playing Monday on the road so hopefully the extra day will help us out to get our second win in Indy.

Next Up: The Colts...

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